Tuesday, June 06, 2006


She loves to be rocked to sleep. I would rock her & rock her but then my arms would get tired. So for her sake I went out & bought a rocking chair - complete with a footstand. So we can rock together as long as she wants. Sometimes I fall asleep too.

Yesterday she found her way to the rocking chair on her own, half-crawling, half-walking all the way from the bedroom to the living room. I was in the kitchen getting her food ready & I heard her crying. I went running to the living room & there she was standing holding on to the chair looking at me with tears all over her little face. Come & rock me to sleep, she seemed to be saying.

She was out like a light in a few minutes. She didn't even eat. I just sat there watching her sleep in my arms. And I started crying. I felt sad that she went to sleep so soon. Now by the time she's up her mother will be here to get her. I felt robbed of my time with her. But she looked so peaceful I didn't have the heart to wake her.



Blogger Puppy said...

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6/06/2006 12:22:00 PM  
Blogger Nora said...

I think that when the time comes, inshallah you will be a wonderful mom. The way you described your experience with little Loulou is so full of love and motherly instincts. Plus, she seems like an adorable little girl :-)

6/06/2006 04:39:00 PM  
Blogger Alina said...

Lou, I must agree with Nora here. I think you will make a wonderful mom some day!

6/06/2006 06:09:00 PM  
Blogger Leilouta said...

lol...I thought you were talking about a cat at first.
I agree with everyone, I think this shows that you'll be a wonderful mom if you ever choose to become one.

6/06/2006 09:02:00 PM  
Blogger Alluring said...

May god grant you what you wish for. Amen.

6/06/2006 11:41:00 PM  
Blogger tooners said...

What a sweet post. I wondered if it was a cat as well, and then I also wondered if it was you rocking urself to sleep.

You never know what's in store for you... be patient w/ things and it'll all be ok. You'll see.

6/07/2006 10:04:00 AM  

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