Monday, July 07, 2008

Not So Bad

Tuesday 1/7/2008, dinner, sometime after 10:00pm:

Me : I thought you were going to cook for me.
Him: oh no, that's not what I said. I said I would feed you. You're not disappointed are you?
Me : Disappointed? 7abibi la tab3an! This is perfect. This place you know how much I love it.
Him: I remember.
Me : And I get to dress up for you.
Him: Yeah I noticed.
Me : And?
Him: And what?
Me : What's the verdict?
Him: You look lovely. Ana asif. You shouldn't have had to ask that.

He sounds really embarrassed and crestfallen - which makes me smile. He's so cute sometimes, like a little boy who really made an effort and would be crushed if you tell him he didn't get it absolutely right.

Me : It's ok. Thank you for bringing me.
Him: Yeah and who knows? I might even ask you to dance later.

He says that but he's hoping he won't have to. He hates dancing really.

Him: Why are you smiling?
Me : You like to dance about as much as you like to cook.
Him: I'll do both - if you want me to.
Me : You would?
Him: Just say the word.
Me : When?
Him: We can dance right now. I guess I can make you breakfast in the morning.
Me : Would love to dance with you. But I'll make you breakfast in the morning. I miss that so much.
Him: Please don't cry.
Me : It's ok. I won't. I'm really happy. Thank you for coming to see me.
Him: See? I'm not so bad.
Me : You're not bad at all.

You're the best. Should have said.



Blogger Sam said...

aw so sweet...i am sorry you guys r still not together for good...inshallah things will finish soon and u will be reunited...i hate being away from matter how annoying he is everyday.but the minute he is gone i am a basket case..u r guys r such a cute couple! mashallah

7/08/2008 02:38:00 AM  
Blogger snono said...

your sooo damn amazing,
sorry, had to express it.

7/18/2008 11:35:00 PM  

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