Friday, June 23, 2006

I Hate Football

Last night against my better judgement me & my girlfriends M(little LouLou's Mom) & D let our menfolk talk us into going out to watch the Brazil-Japan game at a coffee-shop on the Corniche. So the 6 of us met at the coffee shop around 10:30pm. That's me & M with our respective husbands & D with her bf who also happens to be my uncle - thanks to my short-lived but brilliant career as a matchmaker. One big happy family.

It started out ok. We were all hungry & the food was good. It was disposed of quickly. My husband made me have a Margarita pizza followed by waffles & choc ice cream. He always puts me on a diet of pizza & chocolate when he thinks I need to gain weight. Is it any wonder that I love this man? How can I not love a man who force-feeds me pizza & choc?

Afterwards we ordered Moroccan tea & sheesha. They arrived right before the game started. Things started to go downhill from there. At least for me. I tried to get into the spirit of things. I really did. But am just not the stuff that sports spectators are made of. If a game interested me that much I'd be playing it. Am sorry but watching other people play sports does not do anything for me. It DOESN'T. So shoot me. Even dinner with the Swedish dentists at their worst was never that boring. I mean with the Swedish dentists at least I could be heard. With the football fanatics even if they did happen to be my nearest & dearest no one could hear me over all the TV & the cheering & the screaming in the coffee-shop. And no one wanted to.

Was getting restless. The place started to make me feel claustrophobic as more & more people kept pouring in to watch the game. Was getting sticky & hot - not sure if that was nerves or if the place was too packed for the AC to handle. The noise was giving me a headache. And all that cigarette & sheesha smoke. That tells you how bored I was. Would noise, a little sweat, crowds & smoke bother me if I was out at my favorite club in the middle of the dance floor? Hell no.

At some point K started combing his fingers through my hair. I looked up at him but he had his eyes glued to the screen. I knew he wasn't being affectionate there. Force of habit. If am within arm's length he can't keep his hands off my hair. He does it to keep his hands busy. It doesn't mean he's paying any attention to me. At least not consciously.

The funny thing is that if am trying to concentrate on something I start playing with my hair too. I twist the strands at the front & I even chew on them sometimes if am really nervous. And then if he's anywhere near me & he starts playing with my hair too you get this really bizzare situation where we're BOTH playing with my hair, me in the front, him in the back.

On this occasion though the feel of his fingers in my hair just added to the claustrophobia. It was like one more reason why I couldn't move. No room, too many people in the way who would kill me if I tried to stand up so they couldn't see the screen & then this....

Was saved by the bell. Or by the half-time actually. Things got much quieter then - although there was still a lot of animated chatter. The guys broke into a heated discussion about the game. The girls joined in eventually. And I kept thinking oh God one more hour of this, I could not live through it.

I called my husband's name a couple of times but he was talking too animatedly to hear me. Even though he was still playing with my hair. I didn't have the energy to speak any louder so I started tugging on his sleeve to get his attention. It made me feel about 6 years old. When he asked me if everything was ok I told him I wanted to go for a walk. He said where. I said outside. He said it was too hot & humid outside. I said it might be nice by the water. He kissed me. It was a shut-up-woman-you-talk-too-much kind of kiss. And he went back to talking football with everyone else. A few minutes later he suddenly turned to me & kissed me again - for a little longer this time. Even though I was already keeping my mouth shut so he could watch the game in peace.

I love to be kissed. And at that particular moment I was grateful for any crumb of attention from anyone. But he & my uncle once clashed over this sort of thing. Not everyone in my family thinks very highly of public displays of affection. I waited to see if my uncle would make an issue but he was busy talking to the other guy & didn't seem to have noticed.

I said I needed to go find the bathroom - feeling even more like a 6-yr-old. Going to the bathroom was the excuse I used a lot when I was little & couldn't sit still in class. I felt a bit better after freshening up in there though. Except on my way out a waitress approached me & said the manager would like to speak to me. The manager was also a lady. She explained that some people had complained that they were scandalized by the fact that my husband was kissing me & touching my hair infront of their women & impressionable youngsters etc....What could I say? It was embarrassing & annoying but I knew it could turn into something serious. In UAE the golden rule is to do what you want as long as no one complains. And some prudish religious fanatic obviously complained or the management would never have approached us in that manner.I've seen couples do a lot more & get away with it. I didn't feel like being arrested for indecent exposure though. It would have been the perfect ending to a perfect night no? I mean he doesn't have anything to worry about. He's an EU citizen. No one in UAE is going to throw a Westerner in jail for kissing in public. They'd never risk a diplomatic incident over something so silly. But me? Well if they jailed me forever they risked no diplomatic incident whatsoever. I have several passports but they're all Middle Eastern.

I went back & changed seats with M so I was not sitting right next to my husband. Didn't feel like telling him what happened because it would have pissed him off & he'd have gone & started some sort of fight. He keeps saying it's no one's business what we do & I keep trying to explain that that's not how the system works here, that this is not Scandinavia etc....Wasn't in the mood for that conversation last night. Besides he didn't have the attention span to spare me.

In the car on the way home I told him & as expected he asked why I didn't tell him while we were there so he could find out who complained & give them a piece of his mind. Sigh.

I made him take me dancing afterwards. He hates dancing as much as I hate football I think. Because I've decided that as of last night, I hate football. Am coming out of the closet. I think football is a silly sport. And even if am the only person in the entire galaxy who feels that way am not going to hide it any longer.



Blogger forsoothsayer said...

actually, i don't think it's indecent if ur married, legally speaking.

6/24/2006 07:18:00 AM  
Blogger Maxxed`ouT said...

well it's a good thing he didn't try to kiss u again ...
It's funny in UAE how a front desk employee would escort a hooker up to your room then the next day the same employee would ask u not to kiss your wife in the lobby ..
but i guess your "golden rules" says it all !

6/24/2006 07:24:00 AM  
Blogger Alina said...

Lou, I am not a big fan of football these days, but love such outings, with these differences:
1. we go watch it on a terrace, quite large and with a huge screen - thus, more space, lots of air and no claustrophobia feeling!
2. I make sure there are lots of girls at the table - while they talk football, we talk something else :)

6/24/2006 11:55:00 AM  
Blogger Alluring said...

You're not the only person in the eniter galaxy; we're two :D

One of the things i despised about Dubai is the very obvious hypocrisy.

Like maxxed's example, their set of "rules" is quite contradictory that it makes me sick.

6/24/2006 11:11:00 PM  
Blogger Carmen said...

Alina's's the outings that make the games so exciting. Besides, Brazil vs Japan is not really a fun gotta watch when two giants battle each other. That's when the fever rises.

Hate that you had to experience that bullshit. The sexually repressed will do anything to repress others.

6/25/2006 03:40:00 AM  
Blogger Gilgamish said...

how can you not love football.....errm i mean is the best season, better than christmas, eid or any other boring munasaba...besides ur mom's country is playing, Tunis. if i was you, i would die my hair all the colors of the flag and go to germany and have a blast. but unfortuantly i dont think tunis qualified, tbh i do not know the score of ukraine/tunis since i watched the game half way lol i did not have enough time.

i love soccer, when i was a kid back in iraq, we used to have teams boys vs. girls and you can just feel the passion n the drive .......good old days....

and it is even better here in canada, if italy was playng, i would mingle about with the italians in little italy, next tuesday i will be watching ghana vs. brazil with my friend from ghana. and sometimes, i just go out watch the game with soccer lovers, and the best thing is if there are good number of girls, so you can analayse and discuss who is good looking and who is not lol, the italians, especialy Toni my god....7ilween!

ciao bella ;)

6/25/2006 07:37:00 AM  
Blogger Herlock Sholmes said...

Hum, what type of Kiss was it? cause Dubai only prohibits certain type of Kissing in Public. We need more details

6/25/2006 12:07:00 PM  
Blogger LouLou said...


When you say legally what do you mean exactly? Don't laws differ from one country to another?

Maxxed out,

In the lobby other people can see you & some of them maybe prudes & they may give the hotel a hard time so the hotel will give you a hard time in turn.

But in your room no one can see you so as far as they're concerned you can do as you wish so long as you're not bothering anyone else.


You're lucky you live in a country where you can actually bear to be outdoors this time of the year. As hot as it was in the coffee shop it would have been much hotter outside.:(


Yes it is contradictory because it's not based on any principle. It's just based on avoiding clashes & confrontations & keeping everything quiet.


I'll keep trying. No choice really. Married people have to make some attempt to share each other's interests. Like he has to take me dancing, I have to watch football with him sometimes.


Am glad you're having fun with the World Cup. No Tunis didn't qualify.

And yes the Italians are hot.:)


Guess it was the kind of Kiss that Abu Dhabi(Not Dubai) prohibits then.:)

6/25/2006 10:01:00 PM  
Blogger Puppy said...

Marriage and relations are about compromise. You are on the right way, Loulou.

I was surprised to hear about Kiss issue, I mean the reaction of ppl. Here, there are some (or may be a few) who kiss on public and if to be honest ppl who are around generally not ready for it, but nobody complains or take some actions to stop lovebirds :)
Everybody pretend that they don’t see it.

To be honest there are some cases when old people commenting by saying “shame on you” So generally you will never see people kissing if there are some representative of old generation exist.

Middle East/Muslim countries are tough from that point, but I would love to spend a year in whether Abu-Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo or in any other Muslim city I am just too curious/excited about it. I think I would love it.


6/26/2006 03:31:00 PM  

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