Sunday, October 02, 2005

Quiet Contemplation?

Driving along the new Corniche Road not thinking about anything. Just enjoying the view & the drive. All too soon I found myself at the Marina mall. Decided to keep going, past the old Arabic-style cafes & the yachts at the harbor behind Havana Cafe.

It used to be one of my favorite spots - long before they ever built Marina Mall. Leaving civilization behind as much as is possible in Abu Dhabi. Just rocks to sit on & the Gulf.

Didn't sit on the rocks this time though. Didn't feel like getting out of the car. Switched off my cellphone. And turned on the radio. Imarat FM. Didn't matter. Just wanted some background noise. Then I just sat there staring out at the sea. Of course I fell asleep. For 2 whole hours. Guess am not really the type for quiet contemplation.

Decided to sit on the rocks after all. Took off my slippers. Rolled up my jeans. And waded in a bit. Found a pile of rocks low enough to keep my feet in the water. And what comes to my mind in the middle of this communion with nature? I want a cigarette. So I go back to the car, find my pack & lighter but nothing to ash in. Don't like the idea of ashing in the water or on the ground. Pollution & all that. So I decide that later I'll go for coffee, breakfast & a cigarette.

It was nice sitting out there, playing with my feet in the water. Made me want to go for a swim. But the sun was beating down on my head & being only just about recovered from my migraine I didn't want to tempt Fate.

Decided to go to the Emirates Plaza for breakfast. Remembered to switch on my cell after I ordered. Of course everyone was going frantic. Stupid & insensitive of me really.

Didn't happen to be carrying my book with me. And didn't want to read newspapers. Am off politics lately. Don't want to know what's going on. Decided to go for some magazines. So was flipping through Vogue & Cosmopolitan over breakfast. Perfectly mindless trivia. Just what the doctor ordered.

So after sleep & food I was ready & raring to go. I wanted action. Sick & tired of sitting still. Sat there thinking for a while. Then I remembered our new apartment. K. already moved into it because the lease on his old place finished in September. Decided to go see what it looks like now that it's lived in.

It didn't look lived in at all. Unless you count the boxes of books in the living room. The computer desk. And the suitcases in two of the 3 bedrooms. K. moved like a guy. Threw everything into a box or a suitcase & now he lives out of a suitcase I guess. But I was happy. It gave me something to do. Spent the rest of the day tidying up. Even drove to IKEA at one point for some magazine racks & files for his papers & pamphlets which I couldn't fit properly anywhere in the desk or the bookcases.

When I was done the housewifely urge was still upon me. So again I went out for some groceries from the Co-op in Khalidiya & came back to cook lunch. Called & told him to come home at lunchtime. When he did show up he flipped. What did I think I was doing, I was supposed to be resting, I was being irresponsible etc....Basically told him that if he didn't want me to have migraines he shouldn't shout at me. Blackmail. It worked though.

Couldn't stay with him too long. Had to be home when my parents get back from work or they'll worry. Didn't really want them to know I've been out all day. I AM supposed to still be on sick leave.

My uncle T. was at our house for lunch today - mainly to see me I guess. He brought me chocolates which is really sweet. And he brought me flowers before. We were talking about Ramadan. Usually in Ramadan he'll either eat Iftar with us or at my other uncle's house. He made a comment again about how much he hated being single in Ramadan etc...And for some reason - the matchmaking idea came back to me again. I know D. is pretty tired of being single too.

Called D. & told her to come over. Am really abusing the fact that no one says no to me these days.

The two of them always seem to get along - laughing & kidding around & stuff. She is like one of my family anyway. I want things to go past that though. Don't know how to do that except to contrive to bring them together more often.

He left after Maghreb. She stayed with me until about 9:00pm. Then she said she'd better leave & let me get some rest for work tomorrow. She was worried if she stayed too late my Mom might turn against her again.

K. called about 11:00pm. To thank me for cleaning up & cooking he said. About time too!And to ask if it was too late to stop by & see me. Told him to call my Dad & ask him. Dad was really sweet - telling him ahlan wasahlan elbait baitak & you don't need permission etc...But after they hung up Dad told me K. shouldn't stay too long because I need to rest.

He only stayed about half an hour but am glad. When he left he called me from the car. Told him about D. & T. He thinks I should stay out of it. He really has something against arranged marriage or any form of matchmaking. Noticed this more than once before. One of the subjects we never agree on.



Blogger tota said...

Happy Contemplation & Happy ramadan too :)

10/04/2005 01:16:00 AM  
Blogger LouLou said...

Kol sana winti tayba ya tota:)

10/09/2005 12:07:00 AM  

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