Monday, September 26, 2005


Grooming appears to be a recurring theme in my life these days. This morning K let me cut his hair. Just have to say how honored I am by this confidence. Especially considering this is the guy who refuses to let me drive his car. Always thought that was really unfair considering I have no problem with him driving my car. Added to which it's a bit illogical to trust me with his heart but not his car. Which is more important - your heart or your car?Makes you wonder if he has his priorities straight now doesn't it?

Oh well. At least he trusts me with his hair. Am really impressed because I personally would never trust him to cut my hair. Priorities again. And the battle of the sexes.

So I cut his hair. Don't think I did it too badly but then he likes it so short there really isn't room for much creativity. Am kind of experienced though because I've been cutting my Dad's hair for years. Thinking of that this morning made me realize again just how much am going to miss my family when they go. Still isn't very real for me - not living at home anymore. Not even living in the same country with Mom & Dad.

We went out for breakfast afterwards. More like brunch actually. At Rotana Beach. Amazing buffet. So much variety it takes you ages just to decide what you want to eat. K hates that. He likes going to places where he has a couple of favorites on the menu which he'd just order & be done with it. Am the one who likes to experiment. So the compromise is that we do experimentation on Fridays every week. The rest of the week we go to our regular places.

The verdict?Great salads, soup & desserts. But I guess I wasn't so lucky with the main course stuff. K, quite predictably, hated everything. When I asked him how the food was he said the coffee was good. He's always like this when you first take him to a new place. Didn't bug me so much then because I didn't like any of the stuff on his plate either. But it is really annoying when you take him somewhere you know the food is wonderful & he keeps finding fault with it just because he doesn't feel like trying something new.

When we were done he went off for Friday prayers & I went home. Where Mom asked me to drive my sister & her friends to Dubai. Her friend's mother was supposed to take them but something came up & she couldn't make it. And my Mom works Friday evenings.Oh boy. A whole day spent with a a bunch of 15-year-olds.

Sent K sms to tell him I'll be away for the day. He called about an hour later & asked if I want him to come with me. Sweet but K with me babysitting a bunch of teenage girls shopping?Don't think so. Shopping is not where he shines.Besides poor thing. He'd be so miserable. Can't do that to him. He said come & see me when you get back so I said fine if I get back early enough.

Thankfully L(my sister) & her friends decided to cancel the trip. They decided it's better to wait for the shopping festival or something. Whatever. Was just glad to be off the hook for the day.

K is going to Sweden next month to take an exam so I know he's been wanting to start preparing. Have been taking him away from his research a lot. So I called & told him I was free for the day after all but he should hit the books for the rest of the day & we can meet at night for dinner. Which he said was fine.

Decided to use the time to catch up on some sleep first & spend sometime with my father later. Dad is usually on his own Friday evenings because Mom is at work. As a rule he'll go out & do grocery shopping & run some chores etc...So the plan was to tag along & keep him company.

The sleeping part didn't work out though. Some friends came over & I ended up going out with them to meet some other friends. Came back & went out with my Dad right away. Had a good time though. My Dad is really funny. It was 9:00pm when I got home.

And there was still my dinner date with K. Was so exhausted but wanted to see him. Called him. He was pretty tired too. We didn't feel like going out. So we decided that I'll go over & we'll order something & eat in. It's weird the way his neighbors would just drop in to ask him to look at someone's teeth. I mean what do they expect him to do at home?My Mom is a doctor too & we get so much of that.But I really thought dentists were different. Can't imagine a dentist making house visits with a bag. They have to see you at the clinic.

But it's nice that now I know all his neighbors - just like I know the people he works with. Many of them were at our katb ketab. It feels like am becoming more & more a part of his life. Feels good.

Was home about midnight. That also felt good. These days whenever I walk into our house I look around & love everything so much. Guess it's the feeling that am going to be saying goodbye to all of it soon. Feeling a lot more attached to home & my family these days. Told K today that I want to spend more time at home these next few months & he said fine maybe he can drop by more often. Which is what I meant of course. Wouldn't have enjoyed spending more time at home as much if it meant less time with him.

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Blogger Alina said...

You and K seem very fun together. Even when you do not agree. As for your family, I know it is hard. I live in a different city and see my parents every two or three weeks, I can imagine how much harder it would be to have them live in a different country.

9/26/2005 08:34:00 AM  
Blogger LouLou said...


Yes am going to miss them like you wouldn't believe. Just trying not to think about it yet.

K & I are so much fun together that sometimes I get these dark moods where I worry about how much I'll miss the feeling when/if it's gone. Hard to believe it will always be like this.

9/26/2005 11:38:00 AM  
Blogger roora said...

Loulou , it will be easier on you ISA. and Dubai is not that far ., you can book a ticket every while and you will get along with K . , and who knows , maybe your family would return back !

" Hard to believe it will always be like this. "

Have hope in God and faith that things will be fine and ever better , this is what marraige suppose to be for " mawada we ra7mah " , maybe in a different way according to your circumstances but the joy and happiness will be the same if not more ISA.

Ramadan Karim , so keep on praying for that :) ISA , and pray for us all if you remembered !

9/27/2005 03:08:00 AM  
Blogger LouLou said...


Ramadan Kareem. Kol 3am winti bikhair.

It is a happy sad time with laughter & tears almost everyday. The end of an era & the start of a new one.

My old life was happy el7amdullilah so it is sad to see it ending - even if the new life is also good. Wish I could have them both.

This is my emotional rollercoaster, sad about the past, happy in the present & worried about the future.

9/27/2005 02:41:00 PM  
Blogger roora said...


" sad about the past, happy in the present & worried about the future"

Loulou , you remind me by my best freind when she was the first one who got married in the group at age 21 , and she was upset because she will miss her single life with her friends and so on .....

and my other best freind who had the same situation ....but she wasnt that worried and I can tell you that she made the best out of it so she still enjoys to an extent her past life with her family and friends ..i know it is different because you will be in a differen country.

All what i want to say is be optimistic and try to make your best of being in so much contact with your family so you wont miss your old life.

And dont worry about the future as long as there are no bad indicators , why should we worry ?

there is a hadith kudsi that says " ana 3nd hosn zan 3bdy be" something like that.

BTW as i share with you the " worrying " trait about the future , and it took so much from my self peace. I am trying now to train myself to be some how depending on God and stop thinking about something that I have no hand in it I believe that this could be changed by time.

9/27/2005 06:08:00 PM  
Blogger LouLou said...


Thanks for the good advice.

You know what is weird?All my life I was scared that love doesn't exist or that I will never find the right person or never be in a happy relationship.

I thought love was about satisfaction. That it would bring contentment.

Maybe it's just not in me to be content or satisfied but being in love is somehow even more scary because you get so addicted. Yes your old needs get satisfied but you keep having new needs. And you keep wanting more. What was enough yesterday is not enough today. There are always new demands. So you start to worry what if we run out of steam?What if I get tired & I can't keep giving what he needs?And what if am pushing him too hard & HE gets tired?How long can we keep this up?And what happens when we can't anymore?

I think addiction is the right word. Literally. An addict feels satisfied for a short time & then he's starving again no?

9/28/2005 12:29:00 PM  

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