Friday, September 30, 2005

The best medicine

Him: Mish muhim. Ana insan mish muhim fi 7ayatik.
Me: Leave me alone. Am dying.
Him: Ti'oomi ma tisa'aleesh 3alaya?
Me: I tell u am dying & am the one who has to asa'al?
Him: Maleesh da3wa ana 3ayez hai'i.
Me: Tayeb yassidi. Ana ghaltana. Ana zowja fashla.
Him: Fashar da inti sit elsitat.

That cracked me up.

Him: Aiwa kida id7aki ba'a. Didn't you hear about the best medicine?
Me: Laughter?Best medicine maybe but not miracle drug.
Him(massaging my arm & shoulder): So how is your arm now?
Me: Don't know. Still feels funny.
Him: You don't feel any pressure?
Me: Of course I do. But it still feels heavy like it's swollen or something. Like your lips feel after you've been to the dentist.
Him: Tingling?
Me: Last night the doctor made me do some exercises & it started to tingle, yes.
Him: And the migraine?
Me: Still can't live without drugs. Can I ask you something?
Him: Sure.
Me: Would you still want me if I am paralyzed?
Him: You mean totally paralyzed or just half of your right side?
Me: Half of my right side to start with.
Him: You see the problem is am not left-handed. If it was your left-side things might work out better.
Me(smiling): That doesn't answer my question.

Him (kissing my right shoulder): Hmmm?

Me: That's not an answer either.
Him(kissing my upper arm now): No it's a lot more fun.

Men. One-track mind.

Him: And to answer your question yes I would still want you. I will always want you.

Had to give him a hug there for being sweet.

Him: Ba3dain paralyzed eh ya magnoona inti. Manti zay el7usan aho. Howa inti btihdi wala btihmadi.You're going to be fine. We just have to take better care of you.
Me: Now you sound like Mama.
Him: Well she's right I shouldn't let you push yourself so hard.
Me: How do you think you can control me?
Him: I'll think of something. A man has to control his harem.
Me: Tayeb ya si elsayed.
Him: You always say you're tougher than you look. Guess you're not as tough as you think.
Me: Yeah rub it in.So you think she's right to blame you?
Him. Tab3an. You're my responsibility now.
Me: And if you get sick is it my responsibility?
Him: Inti shayfa eh?

Doesn't matter. Didn't feel like arguing. It's not laughter that is the best medicine. He is the best medicine. Just being in his arms is the best medicine. Maybe am not cured. But suddenly I feel a whole lot better. Wish he could have stayed.

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Blogger roora said...

sounds very nice, enshallah tesfadalo lvoing each other all the time ISA

9/30/2005 10:46:00 PM  
Blogger Al Sharief said...

Salamaat Ya loulou...
You feeling alot better & you are reassured that you have the greatest & sweetest partner for life... I say get Totally well &

"El Aroosaa aiza eih baad Kedah"


9/30/2005 11:46:00 PM  
Blogger Me said...

Rabena yekhaleeko leba3d we yedeem elma7abah :-)

10/01/2005 03:34:00 PM  
Blogger tota said...

alf salamaa ... he is such a bless for u and u r a bless for him ... rabana yewafa2kom :)

10/02/2005 02:59:00 AM  

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