Saturday, November 01, 2008

I wonder

What does it feel like when the baby moves or kicks?

Does it feel like someone fluttering their fingers along the skin of your abdomen except from the INSIDE?

That has happened 3 times. The first time, it was so faint I couldn't be sure it even happened. I decided I must have imagined it.

The second time, it lasted longer. And when I lay down on my back it became more pronounced.

Today, just a few minutes ago, I felt it again. It gave me goosebumps.

The sensation is completely internal though. When I put my hand on my belly I can't feel anything with my fingers on the outside.

If that IS the baby though then how many limbs does a 4-month foetus have exactly? I ask because I feel it in different areas of my abdomen, upper, lower, left side, right side, sometimes simultaneously.

What ARE you doing in there exactly?


My scan has been rescheduled until next Wednesday as my doctor has come down with a very bad case of the flu.

Will try to call her later and tell her about this.



Blogger The Queen said...

That's exactly what it feels like when it first kicks. I don't think it is necessarily limbs that you are feeling since it is so small it's just the whole body moving all over. Doing summersaults and stuff. It almost feels like a nerve twitch doesn't it? Wait till it gets bigger and you actually see this alien trying to turn over inside of you. You will see the whole elbow or knee sticking out. You'll have to give him a little nudge just to get him off of your rib or out of your throat! LOL So much more to look forward to!

11/01/2008 08:17:00 PM  
Blogger Um Naief said...

this is exactly what it feels like when you first start to feel the baby. they say it feels like butterflies... :)

and yes, you'll feel it in different places. just wait until he/she starts getting bigger, and they're hungry!!

i'm happy for you :)

oh yeah, you wont be able to feel it w/ your hand for a good while.

11/02/2008 03:12:00 PM  
Blogger insomniac said...

like the ladies said, it is the baby moving around, congrats :) (i think that's what they say in such occasions!!)

later in your pregnancy isA, u'll be able to see the movement under your skin!! it will feel weird :) i remember it was tickling in my first pregnancy, but my second baby was more of a kicker it use to rather hurt... i hope urs is the tickling kind :))

God bless

11/02/2008 04:53:00 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

yeh little butterfly..u think is it gases or the baby...u r never sure..for me now there is no doubting 30wks the baby squirms around so much...all over the place..sometimes so fast..sometime in slow mo...and with the head down and the legs on top sometimes it feels like i can grap his little foot...

11/02/2008 08:45:00 PM  

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