Friday, June 30, 2006

Sweet Morning

Working Friday. Big presentation tomorrow so I've been in the office all day & it looks like it's going to be a pretty late night too.

Weird start of the day though. I woke up about 7:00am & didn't want to believe my alarm. So I switched it off & stayed in bed being lazy a bit longer. Then I heard my cell. I jumped - thinking it was my manager at first. But it was an sms. My manager is not an sms kind of guy. Not when he's in the office & you're late.

The sms said:" Sweet morning baby. Have a good one." And I didn't recognize the number. Stared at it a bit then decided there's no time to worry about it. So I got up, threw my cell on the bed & went into the bathroom. When I came out my husband was holding my cell & looking at me with raised eyebrows. He said sweet morning baby? I said yis3id saba7ak(wishing him a happy morning). He said "saba7 elfol bas meen da?"(Good morning to you but who is this?) Told him I didn't know, that it was probably a wrong number. He said why don't you call the number & ask? I said it wasn't important & if it wasn't a wrong number whoever it was will call or sms again. He said it wasn't important if I didn't think so. Then I asked him if he wanted coffee. He said you get ready I'll get the coffee.

So I did. Of course my manager did have the secretary call me so without even finishing my coffee I kissed him goodbye & left. It was pretty hectic at the office. My husband called me around 2:00.

Him: Inti lissa odamik kiteer?(Do you still have a lot to do?)
Me : Yeah.
Him: Itghadeeti?(Did you have lunch?)
Me : No. Are you hungry?
Him: Yeah.
Me : If you don't feel like going out there's leftovers in the fridge.
Him: Hakul liwa7di kida zay elyateem?(Am I going to eat alone like an orphan?)
Me : 7abibi. I'm sorry. I can't get away.
Him: Come on. You have to take a break sometime.
Me : Wallah mashgoola(I swear am busy). Ba3dain(Besides) everyone is here. I can't leave.
Him: Don't they eat?
Me : I think we'll probably just order pizza. If you like you can come over & eat with me.
Him: La. Ana 3ayzik inti teegi.(No I want you to come over.)
Me : You just want sex.
Him: Ta3ali inti bas wana a2oolik 3ali ana 3ayezo.(Just come over & I'll tell you what I want.)
Me : Tayeb(Ok) let me see what's happening here. I'll give it a try.

But I couldn't get away. It looked like it was going to be pizza & everyone was going to eat at their desk. So I called back & let him know. I asked him to stop by again. He said he would.

He couldn't stay long though. It was really crazy. People kept coming into my office & interrupting us. One guy had an issue with one of the test cases so I was reviewing it on my laptop & he was standing behind me for something like 20 min. Was having a bit of trouble explaining something to him so I kept repeating it.

After he left I said I didn't know what was wrong with the guy, that he wasn't usually so thick. And my husband said I should look at my neckline. I said Na3am(What)? And he said my top was way too low & if he had the view the guy had from where he was standing he'd hang around all day too. Told him that was just his dirty mind talking. He said yeah maybe then again maybe if my necklines were a bit higher I wouldn't get so many anonymous love notes. I said huh? He said whoever sent me that sms must be someone I work with, otherwise how would he know I'd be up that early on a Friday?

I couldn't believe he was still thinking about that. And what's with the 'so many anonymous love notes'?It was just one! And it wasn't a love note. It was just a good morning. Told him if he was going to go on about it all day I'd just call the number. And I did. No one picked up. I told him to try it from his number. He did & no one picked up either.

My husband left soon after that. Now am really curious about that sms. I called several times & no one is picking up. It probably is just a wrong number but if so then why no reply? I wonder if I'll ever find out?



Blogger Jane said...

From the stories you tell it seems that both you and your husband take turns being jealous. Wrong number is just a wrong number. The sms-er is probably embarrased to answer the phone and admit it.

7/01/2006 09:34:00 AM  
Blogger LouLou said...


Well whoever it was did call once a little while back. But I missed it. And now no one's picking up again.

I don't think he was really jealous. He was just picking on me because he was bored & lonely & wanted sex. It makes him kind of cranky.

He's ok with it now.

7/01/2006 09:55:00 AM  

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