Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Miserable, Miserable Day

Too miserable to post about today. But couldn't shut up & had to post that fact. My husband is right. I am a chatterbox. Can't be silent to save my life.



Blogger doshar said...

"I am a chatterbox. Can't be silent to save my life."

even when you are miserable, you are kind of funny. hope you don't stay miserable for too long. it is just that too many changes are going on in your life right now, the biggest worry of them is your parents leaving. it will all settle down in a while. matez3aleesh, these are supposed to be your happiest days, don't let things get to you.. just fight them off, and say: it will be ok tomorrow ISA. and then you can relax

11/30/2005 03:46:00 AM  
Blogger Rain said...

It's normal to feel very sad at the beginning... by time things will calm down..

Here's a big hug for you Loulou :).

11/30/2005 11:59:00 AM  
Blogger Alina said...

I am really sorry you had to go through such a miserable day! I hope next to come will be better.

11/30/2005 01:29:00 PM  
Blogger LouLou said...

Doshar, Rain, Kayla,

Thanks girls. You're the greatest.:)

11/30/2005 11:33:00 PM  
Blogger Me said...

Hope your "miserable, miserable day" is over... and that tante is safely in Morocco by now :-)
God bless you both

12/01/2005 12:25:00 AM  
Blogger Twosret said...


Oh well I just second you and I won't say much :)

Isn't that terrible that when you feel this way and you watch T.V. all the ads are about Zoloft, Effexor do they do it on purpose :)

InshAllah Kheir Ya Loulou


Enti feen ya benti?

12/01/2005 07:50:00 AM  

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