Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Car

So today I sold his car.

I've been putting this off for so long.

Friday night as I was getting ready to meet some friends for drinks and sheesha at the Sheraton, my friend R - who has been my rock lately - called and asked if I could drive my husband's car instead of my own since he knew someone who might be interested in it for the asking price.

This was remarkable since quite frankly the number my husband was insisting on was extortionate. It's a nice car and he's taken good care of it but this IS Abu Dhabi. Everyone can afford to buy or finance a new car so it's not the hottest market in the world for used cars. Most people who'd shown interest before would try to bargain it way down.

I had no patience for bargaining really because if truth be told, irrational though it might be, I didn't really want to see the car go. So whenever someone complained about the price or tried to counter-offer, I promised to get back to them and then just stopped taking their calls.

R's friend turned out to be the manager of the restaurant. We all had dinner on the house. And then the resturant manager and I went out for a test drive.

The guy loved the car. And he didn't flinch at the asking price.

When we got back to the Sheraton, I called my husband and gave him a full report. He said to go ahead.

And so today the money is in my account and the car is gone.

It's silly to be emotionally attached to the car just because it's the one he drove when I first met him, isn't it?

Most of our pre-marital quality time together was spent in that car. Venues in town close at midnight or soon after. Except for the clubs. And back then, we didn't do much clubbing because we wanted to talk. And so we would get into the car and just drive around, stopping at 24-hr coops and gas stations for food and cigarrettes. We would take turns driving for hours to nowhere really. In circles - coming back to the same point over and over again.

They were good times. And I'm going to miss that car.

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Blogger Puppy said...


Yes, You will miss that car, but selling that car was one step forward to Sweden, so its good.

You still have your car with some memories remained.

Good Deal. Congratulations.

5/12/2008 11:02:00 AM  

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