Wednesday, February 15, 2006


My alarm went off at 6:30 like every morning. I hate it. It is always so painful to be jolted awake like that especially when you're as sleep-deprived as I am. Infact I hate it so much that every few weeks I have to change the sound. Have stopped using my favorite songs because it makes me hate them. Once I use something as an alarm for a while I get to a point where I simply can't stand to hear it anymore.

This morning I let it ring for a bit. Then I heard K's disgruntled, sleepy voice saying will you turn it off?That's my cue to get up. I turn it off & jump in the shower. Once done am faced with every morning's dilemma. To blowdry or not to blowdry? Can't walk into the office with my hair dripping wet. Not professional. And my hair takes forever to dry. But blowdrying everyday is bad for your hair right? In the end blowdrying wins. So I switch on my blowdryer & almost immediately he's shouting from the bedroom:

Him: Ir7ameeni ba'a!(He's asking me to take pity on him.)
Me(stalling for time): Saba7 Elkhair.(Good morning)
Him: Saba7 Elward. 3ayez anam. Mumkin?(Good morning. I want to sleep. Ok?)
Me: Almost done.

I finish blowdrying & when I come out of the bathroom he's fast asleep again. The point is to condition him to sleep through this type of noise. He's got to get used to my blowdryer. Can't do anything about it.

One good thing is that now am actually awake before I leave the house. Because of these early morning skirmishes. Before marriage, I used to get up & get ready & leave the house without saying a word, drive to work half-asleep & walk into the office like a zombie to revive only after not one but 2 morning coffees. Now am probably a much safer driver. The Department of Motor Vehicles should send him a thank you note. And the people in my office too. Now I actually smile & respond when people say good morning.

Not great for his sleeping rythms though. He's almost always awake by the time I leave. Truth is I like it. Inconsiderate of me I know but I actually don't make any special effort to be quiet because I like having him up & about before I leave. I miss him. These 25 or 30 minutes before I leave for work & maybe 10 minutes after I finish work, that's actually all the time we manage to spend together during the day.:(

Of course I always say am sorry when I've disturbed him but am actually much sorrier on mornings when I haven't disturbed him. If he only knew how much I enjoy disturbing his rest. His fault for being such a good sport about it. He's not the sort of person who grumbles a lot or gets up in a really bad mood if you wake him. If he was I probably wouldn't slam things about so much in the morning.

Sigh. Can't wait for the weekend.

When I get to my office I first go into the bathroom to put on some make-up. Only ever bother if there is a presentation or a demo or something because it gives me a little extra self-confidence. Public speaking is still a bit of a challenge even after all this time.

The presentation went ok I think. Not brilliant because it was a tough audience. They had some questions that I didn't have the answers for which is never comfortable. But we are still at the inital stages of the project & at least now I know the areas we need to focus our analysis on in the future. The next presentation should be a little easier.

Got back in my office about 9:30am & found some good news. Seems I got the second highest grade on the Germany workshop. Phew. If I don't pass the test they make me pay them back for the training & the trip. Not to mention it doesn't look too good on my record. So that's a weight off my shoulders.

Got to work on my use cases & lost track of time until about 20 minutes ago. That's almost 11:30am. Just remembered the new trainee. She's been sitting in my office on the internet all morning. Completely forgot am supposed to give her something to do. Sent her off to the library to get some CD's. When she comes back I guess I'd better spend sometime with her. Teaching is not my forte. And this girl is such a quiet, little mouse. Not very responsive. Doesn't ask you questions. Doesn't show interest. You wind up having to explain things to her then as HER questions to find out what she understood & what she didn't. Don't have an awful lot of patience with that. Don't think she's enjoying it either because she seems to spend most of her time making herself inconspicuous so I'll forget about her.

Oh well here she comes now.



Blogger Me ® said...

Tsk.. alarms are the worst thing about mornings.
congrats on your german workshop grade :)

2/15/2006 07:54:00 PM  
Blogger Nerro said...

That's cute...I guess he understands it too, and maybe like it as well :) Congrats on the workshop grades, that is very uplifting. Have a nice weekend

2/16/2006 06:08:00 PM  

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