Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Coffee Room...

One thing am not & have never been is a morning person. Everyday I wake up in the morning, get showered & dressed & stumble into my office in a semi-comatose state. The next 3 steps are to leave my bag on my desk & switch on my computer so the stupid secretary doesn't mark me late (she's programmed to think anyone who doesn't have a handbag on their desk & their pc on is not in the office) & make my cellphone silent because by some bizarre company rule we're not allowed to use cellphones in my office. Then I sleep-walk to the coffee Room.
I can tell it's going to be a wonderful day when someone's been in there before me & they've absolutely messed it up. I mean coffee, tea, sugar stains all over the counter & the floor, empty kettle, all the spoons dirty in the sink. So then I begin my day by cleaning up the coffee room because if I leave it like that the next person to walk in will think I messed it up & I'd be MORITIFIED.Is it because my department is a technical & therefore male-dominated one?I have friends in other departments & their coffee rooms never seems to look as bad as ours. What is it with men?Do they expect women to clean up after them even at work?
Only AFTER I've had my coffee & a small bottle of cold water do I actually say my good mornings. Everyone is used to that by now so no one really gets mad at me. They understand. Am just not a ray of sunlight that early in the morning.
My supervisor just informed me that someone from engineering is coming in an hour's time & I have to train him on how to use one of our systems. I said what training?Even our office secretary can use this system & she's not an engineer. Infact she could probably train him herself.But no of course she can't. His grade is too high. So he must be taught how to fill out a form & click submit by one of us. God forbid that we should fail to massage his professional ego for him. Then we'll have to pay for it next time we need something from his department. Go figure.



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