Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I Didn't Go To Work Today.....

Why do I feel so guilty about it?I'm sick. I spent last night in the hospital with food poisoning. That is SERIOUS. And it's the doctor's orders that I should stay in bed until Saturday to avoid complications.

But I have so much work. It's scary to think about it. And I HATE the idea of anyone else touching my projects. It'll take me ages to figure out what's been done because it's so difficult to follow someone else's thought processes. And you can't just scrap what they did & start again because how can you justify a delay when progress has been made. I'll be forced to follow in someone else's footsteps & change direction & I hate that.

I never realized before that I'm so responsible. I mean work is ALL I've been thinking about all day. Everyone is worried about my health & coming & bringing me flowers & stuff & I just want to get up & go to the office. An overactive conscience or am I turning into a workaholic in my old age?



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