Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Qura'an & Science

I've always been a little a impatient with people who like to talk about scientific miracles in the Qura'an. The Qura'an is not a scientific book. Science is process of observation, hypothesis, experimentation & testing. The content of science can never be 'proved'. It can only be verified & validated by each successful experiment up until such time when someone designs an experiment to disprove it.There are no absolute truths in science.

So to watch someone struggling to interpret & re-interpret some verse of the Qura'an to make it sound as if it is a manifestation of some current science theory just irritates me because don't these people think how stupid they're going to look if 10 or 20 years from now this same scientific theory is discarded for a revised or more advanced one?

Science is just a human attempt to understand the physics of the universe & how we can use it to make our lives more comfortable. Faith is all about spirituality & metaphysics. It's about trying to draw closer to the Creator. The Creator doesn't need scientific theories. He doesn't need to try to understand the universe. He created it. He makes all the rules. He is omnipotent & all-knowing. He is NOT a scientist.



Anonymous rahmanium said...

..yes you'r right, i always wonder "what is the point?" are they trying to prove the cridibility of "quran" ?
trying to impresse others..
this is very dangrious because of the bad effect later if proved otherwise like you said.

the problem is that this scientific miracles are very popular topic among commen people..why not? , lots of people work on it for many reasons, some think they'r helping islam, others use it for self propaganda (like those with t.v. shows and news paper articles), selling lots of money.

some people do this attempts thiking they'r strenthining islam ,well.. they'r not .try to argue with them..then you'r the bad one, ironic is'nt it.

6/19/2005 02:06:00 PM  
Blogger LouLou said...


I haven't actually tried to argue with anyone about it. I remember when I was in school my religion teacher used to do this a lot. He was always giving examples of 'scientific miracles' in the Qura'an. At the time I just believed it. I didn't know enough about science or religion to see anything wrong.

But now over the last month I think I watched at least 3 tv shows on 3 different channels that cover this topic. Then when I googled 'Qura'an' +'Science' it actually returned 1290 results!And that's using only one the English sites!

6/20/2005 08:05:00 AM  

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