Saturday, July 23, 2005

Unfinished Post

Social psychologists would have it that while punctuality comes more easily to some cultures than others. So could it be that it's not my fault that am always late?

I live in Corniche Road so the new Corniche Road should have drastically reduced the time I take to drive to work. And I shouldn't have to drive to work anyway. Why can't I get up early enough to take the company transportation which is completely free & stops at my building anyway because several people from work live in the same building?Am not senior enough to be allocated company underground parking so when I drive I end up having to spend 20-30 min driving around looking for parking & eventually parking about 3 blocks away & walking another 20 min to work. In a suit & high heels. In summer.

Oh no. A colleague just walked in to tell me that there's been a bombing in Egypt.In Sharm El Sheikh. And Yahoo confirms.

Astagfirullah. Will nothing stop these people?49 people dead?Am so angry I could CRY. Can't bear to read those stupid, stupid, stupid claims of responsibility anymore. Stupid psychotic idiots.



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